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Is it okay to play sports when I have braces?
Yes, as long as you wear a protective mouth guard.

If I’m wearing braces, can I still play musical instruments?
Braces usually do not restrict you from playing wind or brass instruments. After the adjustment period, you should be alright.

My teeth have been crooked for a long time. Do I still need orthodontic treatment?
Absolutely. It’s never too late to have your teeth fixed because they can be moved at any age as long as they’re healthy. With orthodontic treatment, your teeth’s function can be restored and your smile will also be improved.

Is orthodontic treatment expensive?
Orthodontic treatments naturally cost more than your ordinary dental services however most orthodontists provide payment plans so your treatment can be more affordable. In addition, a lot of dental coverage plans also include orthodontic benefits.

Can I begin orthodontic treatment even if I’m pregnant?
Check with your physician and orthodontist prior to starting treatment. Pregnancy triggers changes in the body that may have some impact on the mouth such as soft tissues becoming susceptible to infection.

Is there a special care procedure for teeth with braces?
Yes. If you have braces, you need to avoid foods that are hard, sticky, crunchy or chewy. You should also avoid biting on hard objects like your fingernails, pens and pencils. Keeping your teeth clean through brushing and flossing takes longer when you are wearing braces but you need to have a proper oral hygiene so that your teeth will move quickly to their prescribed position and also to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy once your treatment is complete.

I have seen TV ads that claim you can have perfect teeth with just 1-2 visits. Is this true?
Quick-fix veneers are only a temporary solution to crooked teeth. They merely cover your teeth so that they will no longer appear problematic. However, with braces you get straightened teeth for life.

I want to straighten my teeth but I don’t like eye-catching braces. Do I have other options?
Nowadays there are braces that are invisible or barely visible. You can go for ceramic braces which significantly lessen the visibility of braces. You can also go for lingual braces which are mounted at the back of your teeth. Invisalign, on the other hand, are invisible / clear aligners which can correct some alignment problems in the teeth.

I have a stud in my tongue. Will this interfere with orthodontic treatment?
If you have tongue-piercing jewelry, you need to be aware that it can damage dental appliances as well as cause injury to your teeth and gums.

How will I know if my dentist is an orthodontist or a general dentist?
You may visit the official website of the American Association of Orthodontists to find an orthodontist near you. You can also search your dentist’s name on the AAO website to see if they are a member of this organization. If you have problems with your teeth alignment or bite, it’s best that you visit an orthodontist as this specialist has received 2-3 years of additional training that is specifically focused on treating orthodontic issues.